Rock DA Casbah! 

Had a great  gig at Rock da Casbah last night! ! as always Judy and her staff made everyone feel welcome. Chef Cody cooked up some amazing dishes and everybody was in a generally festive mood. made a lot of new friends.  Great audience stayed all night.  guest singer Kate squire knocked it out of the ball park!

will be back on June 15th for another show!

Rock da Casbah 

The Too Lazy Boys will be returning to Rock da Casbah this friday. Always a good time with owner Judy Steele and her staff keeping everybody happy with craft beers and amazing food.  Kate Squire will be returning to sing a couple of songs with the boys ala Bonnie Raitt, Aretha Franklin and Koko Taylor. Also Just found out last gig that the basement of Rock the Casbah used to be a Speakeasy back in the 1920's with tunnels now walled up so patrons could escape when the police raided the place! Unbelievable! See everybody friday night!